Keruilai is a tradename by owned. Tapping on the vast mechatronics experience in Australia and incorporating the Swedish leading edge technology on evaporative cooling, Keruilai started the commercial production of evoporative air/water heat exchangers for industrial workspace cooling in 1995.

Riding on the economic growth in the China’s Pearl River Delta Region from the ’90, Keruilai gains vast experiences on the applications of evaporative air/water heat exchange cooling in industrial workspace cooling. Today, ten of thousands of its evaporative air/water heat exchangers are cooling down the workspace of the industries involved in plastic injection moulding, textiles and garments, food and beverage, tires and rubber, assembly lines and others all across Asia and Australia.

Keruilai prides itself as an industry leader who continuously strives for improvements to bring the best product and service values to its customers.

Keruilai facilities are accorded with ISO9001:2000 Certification.

After Keruilai air humidifier fitted and put into service, air quality in plant was improved remarkably. When it is hot outdoor, temperature inside the plant still can be reduced about 8c by the cooling system and the air sanitary problems in the plant can be also be solved by 60 ventilate times per hour.

Benefits of workspace cooling through evaporative heat exchange

Improved Productivity & Accuracy
• Improved working environment temperature brings about better workers morale, less absenteeism and less staff turnover.

Better Positioned for OEM orders
• Better working environment helps secure more OEM accounts.

Speed up Production Throughput
• Where incase of food packaging, faster cooling down time improved daily throughput.

Safer Working Environment
• Evaporative heat exchange cooling brings in cool, clean and fresh air while pushes out toxic and contaminated air.

Typical Industrial Applications
• Appliances Assembly Lines
• Automotive Parts Production
• Food & Beverage Processing
• Plastic Injection Molding
• Textiles Weaving & Knitting
• Garments Production
• Metallic Fabrication Shops
• Quality Testing & Inspection
• Raw Materials warehousing
• Food Packaging
• Car Assembly Lines
• Shoes Making
• Final Assembly
• Electro-plating Shops
• Spray Paint Shops

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